DASH keeps you in control without the hassle of a schedule. You can manage tasks flexibly, track against goals and generate progress reports.

Agile for any project. As featured in Project Magazine.

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DASH is available soon for iPad and web

Dash Approach

DASH is supported by an approach to help you achieve your goals, boosting your ability to think about problems and influence the result.

Dash Features

An intuitive and powerful project management app that enables better visibility and control over projects.

A more natural way of working



Manage the outputs of the project, define what is needed.



Manage contact with everyone on the project including the team and the stakeholders.



Manage all the tasks you and the team need to do. Categorise, prioritise and assign even the longest of task lists.



Create projects from pre-built templates that help you scope your project.



Track projects with an agile rhythm by prioritising, planning and focussing on specific tasks for a given focus period.

Dash Usage

Visual Scope

Output maps describe the scope of the project - what should be delivered and how it should fit together. It provides a shared objective that gets teams working better together.

Contact maps help you capture the stakeholders for a project.


Getting started with DASH is easy.

Download Output Map templates to setup your project or create your own.
Using templates helps you learn from others.
Sharing templates teaches others how to follow your approach.

Agile Project Management

DASH helps drive your tasks towards the project goals using an agile rhythm. The star indicates outputs and tasks that you are currently focussed on. It encourages work to be done in parallel, allowing better quality work in faster time and less rework.

Tasks and Tracking

In DASH tasks are managed through adding tasks to a focus list that you commit to complete within a focus period. Tasks are mapped against project goals to make sense of long task lists.

Story Based Content

DASH is a project tool that helps you think and learn, by structuring outputs as a map, it helps you understand the connections between concepts for structuring content and communicating with stakeholders

Dash Benefits

An intuitive and powerful project management app that enables better visibility and control over projects. Sign-up to be the first to discover more DASH features

For Professionals

  • Clearer project objectives
  • Learn new skills from templates
  • Fast project startup
  • Share professional task plans and progress reports
  • Keep on top of tasks

For Teams

  • Better visibility of the team
  • More control
  • More leading projects, less time on admin
  • More parallel working, faster projects and better value
  • Happier team

For Enterprise

  • Consistency of delivery
  • Encourage learning by doing
  • Greater control of project direction
  • Ensure stakeholder engagements happen
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About Us

We founded DASH because we are passionate about powering teams to deliver projects. DASH provides a fresh and progressive approach to projects enabled by a beautifully simple yet powerful app.

  • We offer a sound and proven approach with simple and powerful tools that make a real difference to projects
  • We help teams and people to engage better
  • We have a strong background in project management, team dynamics and technical know-how

MEET THE Founders

Dan Onions - Founder & CEO
Dan Onions
Founder & CEO

Dan Onions, founder of DASH, has worked in numerous project environments, delivering business and IT transformation for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

John Martin - Co Founder & CTO
John Martin
Co Founder & CTO

John Martin is the technical lead for DASH responsible for developing the beautifully crafted application.

Contact us info@dash.pm@DASH_PM